A “Model” Week

“So yesterday, we finished up with the modeling portion of the job. At least for now. We continued using the really cool NetLogo program. This time, instead of being distracted by all the cool features the program offered, I focused and finished the tutorial so that I had an idea of how to use the program. It is actually pretty simple since I have taken java and matlab classes before. They are all very similar. Basically, I programmed the simple epidemic SIR model into this program. I ran it a few times and it seems to work, which is a good thing. Then, we were suppose to add in another real life aspect to the model. I chose to have people get immunizations so that they are less susceptible to infections. After making this model, we had to write up 3 things for each program we used to model the epidemic disease. These will be posted onto a website Shodor has for undergrad teachers. We have to write a step by step tutorial for how to make the model in each program, a explanation of the limitations of the model and program, including the modification we made, and a verification of whether the model works or not, including the differences.

Today, we finished the writing portion of the work we were assigned. This actually took a long time, much longer than I expected. We were then assigned to write HTML codes to put these writings up on the website. We were really confused as to what to do since we have never done HTML coding before. Also, to make things worse, we were just suppose to write the code without seeing the results of our codes. This seems very difficult and intimidating. I will try to tackle this problem tomorrow. It was time to go back for our Duke Engage meeting.

The meeting was very fun. We first started off with pizza and salad. Yay food! Then, we did an activity to help get to know each other better. We were given blank paper, scissors, tape, and magazines. We were suppose to cut out things we find in the magazine to describe who we are. I some things I cut out include chocolate, ice cream, video game, and hulu. I love eating chocolate and ice cream, I play alot of video games, and I spend a lot of time on hulu watching shows. Then, we did an activity where the different groups were given a set of supplies and were asked to make a paper chain of different colors, a star, an airplane, and an “A” cut out and pasted onto a sheet of paper. All the groups were given different materials, some better matierals, others lesser ones. Our group had the worst materials. We only had white paper, broken pens and pencils, dry glue stick that doesnt work, and no scissors. I made the star. But since we didn’t have scissors, I decided to make an origami star. We were able to complete the tasks to the some extent, but we lost by a long shot to the group that had colored paper, working pens, working glue, and scissors. This was a fun activity and was suppose to teach us about inequality and life in general.”

– Ruobing He

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