An Event-Filled Work Week Without Much Work

For this week of work, I was expecting something totally different than what I had gotten out. The first week of work, I had really expected to be bombarded with rules and things that we had to know in order to do a good job; however this was not the case.

On Monday, we were assigned to learn some programming languages that were unique from all the ones that I had learned. I had been focusing on languages that primarily were used to solve complex calculations, to get from one point to another in the quickest manner. That day we were introduced to languages that had objects moving around and that were used to simulate simple models. I had never learned anything about simulations before; I just knew that the simulations I saw on computer scientists’ monitors were really cool and looked exactly like real life.  I was totally not expecting to learn these things on the first day at my job.

Tuesday and Thursday were probably the most eventful days of the week where our office buildings decided to play tricks on us. On Tuesday, the AC totally shut down and we were left sitting in eighty-degree room for the whole day while on Thursday we were let off of work early because the electricity went out.

When we were finally  able to get back to normality on Friday, the work that we were assigned totally changed. We quickly learned the new cool languages that we were assigned to do on Monday and were hit with another language called XML. This is very similar to HTML in that it helps format a Word Document onto a website. At first, this language seemed overwhelming with many different headers and idiosyncrasies; however, being able to sit at a computer for a whole day and having the motivation to figure this language out definitely helped us quickly pick up this language.  Now we know how to make a website!

–  Hal

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