“I am a Global Citizen”

Camp Calvary

This summer we are working with Camp Calvary at Lyon Park in Durham. It is a program geared towards academic enrichment of students ranging from kindergarten to middle school. During the summer, the students work on assignments designed for a grade higher than their actual level in order to give them a head start for the next school year. There are also scheduled field trips, movie days and performing arts activities such as dance and music classes.

Right now while the students are still in their school for half the day, we have started preparing for the camp by getting many paperwork and office tasks accomplished. We are making copies of sign-in sheets and mail out forms for the students signed up for the camp. We designed labels to make it easy to put every student’s name and their parent’s names on these forms and we put together two huge binders with all of the necessary information. We have called all the parents to confirm their child’s enrollment in the camp and to allow people on the waiting list to take any vacant spots. This year the camp’s theme is “I Am a Global Citizen”. We will be focusing on civics and economics and we have designed academic lesson plans around these topics. Throughout our lesson plans we placed an emphasis on interactive activities that we hope will help better translate these difficult subject for these students. While focusing on these topics, our goal is to continuously remind the children that they are a part of a global community and identify all the differences that exist between countries and cultures. By doing these tasks, we hope to be greatly prepared and organized for the students and parents once camp starts.

After preparing for the summer enrichment camp we spend the second half of our day working with students in the after-school program. During the after-school program we help the students with their homework and the academic worksheets that are handed out to each student to further challenge them from the program. The subjects we help the students in are usually math and reading, ranging from the elementary school to middle school level. Afterwards we help overlook the students during their free time where they play board games, go outside to the playground, and go to the computer lab. We have also led a research assignment with the group of students where they had to research Oprah Winfrey using the internet.

Caprisuns and Chip Bags

We were both assigned an unusual task during the first week of work. One of the ways thecamp earns their money is by recycling used chip bags and Caprisun drink packets. They collect them in gigantic trash bags every time the kids have snack time. The bags pile up in a corner office and the site sends them into the recycling company every time the items reach a couple thousand to save on continual shipping cost. Well, our job was to count exactly how many items they had so far. At first, we were somewhat shocked that they expected us to literally dig through garbage and count used food containers. Although the smell of the open Caprisun was terrible and there was a sticky substance that reached all the way up to our elbows, since the students were so excited to see how much money they could raise,  it made us feel good that we were doing something that truly helped the program financially. We ended up counting 1170 Caprisun containers and 675 chip bags.

– Sang and Tara

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