Durham meets Greensboro

international civil rights museum

For our Saturday group activity, we went on a trip to the International Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro.  The Museum was a really interesting experience! The exhibits were interactive and caught the attention of all of us, especially since it tied together the information we had learned on our prior visit to Bennett Place Museum and on our Civil Rights tour of Downtown Durham.  We also learned more details about the Civil Rights

movement, such as that the sit-ins at the lunch counters were started by four brave college students in Greensboro whose actions motivated others to support them and to spread the sit-ins to other areas of the country.  This was new information for me, and what made it even more shocking was that the actual original lunch counter where the four students started the sit-ins was an exhibit in the museum; in fact, the entire museum was built around the lunch counter to include it as an exhibit! Impressive!

Although most of us really enjoyed the experience and we definitely felt like our knowledge of the Civil Rights movement was enhanced by this visit, we were somewhat disappointed by the lack of information about international events of the Civil Rights.  The museum mainly focused on the actions by people in the United States, such as the sit-ins, Freedom Riders, and Rosa Parks, while international actions were only briefly mentioned at the end of the tour.  Although we would have liked to see a more international aspect of the museum, we still enjoyed the visit.

– Jania

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