What About Durham?

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What do a rat infested dump and a flourishing downtown have in common?

By dining with Casey Steinbacher, the President and CEO of Durham’s Chamber of Commerce, William “Bill” Kalkof, President of Downtown Durham Inc., and with County Commissioner, Kevin Dick, we discovered that both were phrases used to describe Durham, although in different time periods; the former described the city in the early ninety’s and the ladder is Durham today. In this engaging dinner, we also discussed the steps that have been taken to transform Durham into the prospering city that it is today. Currently, both residents and visitors of the city can enjoy affordable housing, well-paying jobs, and incredible entertainment opportunities such as enjoying a game at the Bull’s Ball Park, eating at delicious restaurants or watching a great show at DPAC.

The information we learned from them sparked many questions amongst us as to what the future of both the city and the Durham-Duke relationships would be like, and I guess a good way to find out would be to stick around.

We left dinner not only with a lot of new found knowledge and thoughts for future engagements, but thanks to Carolina Theatre and Durham Convention and Business Bureau, we also left with gifts to enjoy.  Everyone at my dinner table immediately started to plan our next group visit to the Carolina Theatre when we saw that a movie pass was one of the gifts, and we all joked (but with some truth to it) that the baseball stress ball would definitely come in handy after a long day of hard work.


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