Who are we?

YMCA Durham:  Building a comprehensive map of Durham that highlights the areas of greatest need with regards to healthy living, in order to help Durham lose 5 million pounds in 10 years.                                                                                                                                                            Rebecca Kahn, Mimi  Yuehui Mao, Aerin Spruill, and Jasmine Kim

Shodor: Making mathematical models using programming software such as Matlab to simulate real life situations such as simulating the activity of enzymes and the spread of an epidemic.                                                                                                                                                                Ruobing He and Hal Zhang

Caring House: Helping the non0profit organization with its mission provide affordable housing and a supportive environment for cancer outpatients receiving treatment at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center to gain a broad understanding of running a non-profit organization.                                                                                                                                                          Hyunkoo Chung

Camp Calvary: a summer program geared towards academic enrichment in order to get the students prepared for the next school year. It also gives many children individual attention in order to give them a head-start on schoolwork.                                                                       Tara Hazle and Sang Hun Lee

Habitat for Humanity: Working to build awareness about Habitat through various sources and to help organize and promote its Bull Moon Bike Ride on July 16th.                                                   Tony Cao

Environmental Protection Agency: Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards- reaching out to people who use fireplaces and stoves at homes and educate them to use the right wood and stoves so that less pollution will be released and higher efficiency can be achieved.                                                                                                                                                           Rory Erickson-Kulas and Edison Xiao

Urban Ministries Durham: Urban Ministries strives to provide food, shelter, clothing and supportive services to those in need and they want to do so while also providing a welcoming and caring environment that affirms the dignity of their clients,
staff and volunteers.   Helping with various office tasks such as answering phones, filing paperwork, and attending clients with questions.  Will also be implementing a more efficient and secure system of handling client’s medications which we currently keep locked up behind the front desk.
Bekah Pea

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Triangle:  Overall mission is to help children reach their potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships with mentors that try to have a measurable impact on youth.

–   Developing 2 summer technology camps for elementary and middle school students, and learning about private social networking sites for non-profit organizations and facilitating more effective online communication within the organization                                                                   Karen He

–   Helping to develop, plan, and coordinate special initiatives that focus on engaging youth in fun physical activities to promote healthy lifestyles.                                                                                      Elizabeth Reese

Duke Home Care and Hospice: Facilitating the growth of HomeCare and Hospice’s Speakers Bureau program through design of new informational brochures and presentations. The goal is to spread word about the service and benefits of Duke HomeCare and Hospice programs.                                                                                                             Eason Lee

Threshold: Working on an employment project to help adults with serious mental illnesses in the Durham area.                                                                                                                                       Cassidy Fox

El Centro Hispano: Planning a summer reading program to help latino students, especially in the third, fourth and fifth grade, to improve their reading and comprehension skills.  Will also research and come up with a plan to set up citizenship classes that can be offered to those who need it.                                                                                                                                           Jania Arcia-Ramos


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